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5-element acupuncture: my patients swear by it, and at it.

Let’s get the bad news out of the way up front. Acupuncture is not painless. Every so often, my patients will even use some colorful language. More surprising, however, is they will tell me to try again when they don’t feel a good jolt of qi (qi is the Chinese term for energy). My patients know that the one acupuncture point, needled at precisely the right spot, will have better results than a dozen carelessly placed needles.

Now that you know the “bad news” go ahead and make yourself a cup of green tea, relax, and have a look around my website. You'll find a lot of good information about acupuncture. After you look around, schedule a consultation and come see what 5-element acupuncture can do for you.

Meet the Acupuncturist
Hello, my name is Mackay Rippey. I started my acupuncture training in 1989 at the Traditional Acupuncture Institute and graduated with a master’s degree in acupuncture in 1992.

As a 5-element acupuncturist I am carefully trained to understand the laws of nature, to diagnose in accordance with those laws and to work therapeutically to restore balance and harmony.

By restoring internal harmony of body, mind and spirit, your body is able to cure the deep cause of the disease and not just silence the symptoms.

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Be well,

P.S. If you are ready to learn more about 5 Element Acupuncture, read on.

Let me tell you an acupuncture story
One of my acupuncture professors, Dr. Haig Ignatius, was an ear, nose and throat doctor. He used to live in San Francisco, where at that time, only doctors could practice acupuncture.

He became interested in acupuncture and became the “front man” for an acupuncture clinic. In that clinic, he would consult with a patient, then go into a back room and talk to the Chinese acupuncturist to find out what to do. He then went back to the patient and administered the treatment.

Dr. Ignatius became more and more interested in acupuncture because it could treat some conditions that western medicine couldn’t. He started asking the acupuncturist a lot of questions.

One afternoon, after treating a patient who had been coming to the clinic for a long time, Dr. Ignatius asked the acupuncturist if there wasn’t something else that could be done for the woman.

The Chinese doctor’s eyes lit up. “I thought you wanted her to come back for ever so the clinic could get rich. I didn’t know you wanted to unblock her energy and cure her. That requires different treatments”

How 5-element acupuncture is different
5-element acupuncture, practiced correctly according to natural laws, is a beautiful system of medicine. Its fundamental principle is the constant attention to diagnosis and treatment of the person rather than the mechanism or symptoms of disease. This makes it different than many other types acupuncture.

Watch what some of my patients say about their acupuncture experience


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"A wise person is sick of being sick."
That's an old Chinese saying that means it takes some initiative and energy to get well. If a person just mopes around and does not believe he can feel better, he never will. Don’t let another day slip by without scheduling a consultation.

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