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My name is Mackay Rippey. I'm an acupuncturist living in Way Up-State New York. I grew up in Washington, DC and lived all my life in cities. That all changed when we moved to an old farm in Deansboro. The prize of the farm is a small herd of American Milking Devons. They are wonderfly gentle triple purpose (work, milk, beef) cows that were the first breed to come to America with the Pilgrims. Milking Devons can be seen at the Cooperstown Farmer's Museum, Williamsburg, Virginia, and other historical re-enactment sites.

I graduated from the Tai Sophia Institute and was one of the first acupuncturists in the country to hold a master's degree in acupuncture. I've been helping clients feel better with 5 element acupuncture for more than 20 years. If you have any questions about my training or experience, e-mail me at

In the mean time, go ahead and re-fill your cup of herbal tea, relax, and have a look around my website. You'll find a lot of good information about health and acupuncture.

Be well,

P.S. please enjoy my photos. They include images from the farm, my family, and coaching women's lacrosse at Hamilton College.