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Better Health Without The Dangerous Side Effects

I help open-minded people get better, faster, without taking more drugs!


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Treatments Performed

Insurance Coverage Payment Options

Veterans Administration

Ask your VA doctor about getting a referral for acupuncture.

Medicare Advantage Plans

All medicare advantage plans cover acupuncture for chronic low back pain.

Out Of Network Coverage

Out of network benefits can be confusing. Call me and I will verify your coverage.

Health Reimbursement Accounts

Acupuncture is covered by your employer's Healthcare Reimbursement.

Health Savings Accounts

Acupuncture is covered by your Health Savings Account.

Private Pay

We offer affordable payment plans and accept credit card payments.

"The doctor of the future will give no medicine, but will interest his patients in the care of the human frame, in diet, and in the cause and prevention of disease."

- Thomas Edison

Benefits of Acupuncture

Back pain is the most common complaint adults have. According to the CDC 25% of Americans had back pain in the last three months. Acupuncture can help.


Pain Relief

It is believed that the needles stimulate the release of natural pain-relieving chemicals in the body, such as endorphins and enkephalins.


Stress Reduction

Stimulates the production of neurotransmitters like serotonin and dopamine, which can promote feelings of calm and relaxation.


Better Sleep

It is believed that acupuncture can help regulate the body's circadian rhythm, which controls the sleep-wake cycle.

Get better, faster, without the side effects of medications.

Meet The Acupuncturist

My name is Mackay Rippey. I’ve been practicing acupuncture for more than 30 years.

Most people are curious about acupuncture treatment, but don’t know where to turn to get their questions answered.

I’d be happy to sit down with you and explain exactly how acupuncture works, how long it takes, how much it costs, if the needles hurt and any other questions you might have.

Give me a call and we’ll set up a good time to talk.

87 Utica St, Clinton, NY 13323, USA

Clinton Office

87 Utica Road

Clinton, NY 13323

Look for the big red mailbox and drive straight back.

Toward your right, you'll see a gravel parking area and our building.

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